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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” – Claude Monet

The fertility of our soil helps production in our orchards, farms and vineyards. It is also is fundamental to the creation of the beautiful gardens in the region. Spring is an ideal time to seek out thriving gardens, by both professional and enthusiastic amateurs.

Local Walks

Take the time to walk around the town and you will see plenty of well loved and well cared for gardens. Spring is a great time to take a wander stopping at local cafes and shops to punctuate your journey.

Gardens Open to the Public

Be inspired when visiting local gardens that have been cared for and nurtured over time. You won’t have to go far from your lovely apartment to discover the Victorian style garden in the centre of town, Cook Park. Orange City Council have created a lovely space at the Botanic Gardens.    Whilst not a garden in a formal sense, Lake Canobolas,  showcases native flora and fauna with places to sit back and enjoy the water scene. You can even grab a coffee at the local cafe located at the Lake.

Looking for a Daytrip? Mayfield Garden is one of the largest privately owned gardens just out of Oberon. The trip takes a little over an hour but is well worth for the size and facilities of the garden. There are two parts to the garden one is open most the year and the family garden opens to the public twive a year – Autumn and Spring.


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